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Thanks for the inquiry !  

We are the Lease-to-Own dealership--

Most of our vehicles are available for Lease-to-Own.  

To briefly explain the process:

We require a delivery fee at the signing- plus a monthly lease payment for a period of up to 36 months. Importantly, One can opt out at any time for a fee !! Simply turn in vehicle/keys, and satisfy any over-mileage.

After the 36 months are over, you will be offered a continuation contract at the vehicle's residual value.  (A calculated amount- based on the value of the vehicle after 36 months.  This amount is given to you at the signing of the lease).

If your payments within the 36 months are on time we already have a local funding company that will automatically approve you for a loan to go on to purchase. So basically- with a 3 year lease- and then a 2 year financing at end of lease to purchase- ownership can be in 60 months! The benefit is the first 36 months are based on a cash price, not a financed price- and has no interest rate, so your monthly payments will be approximately 30-35% cheaper! 


 If you are not interested in purchasing at the end of the lease/ 36 months, the car is returned to Car Country Auto Sales. Please note, we do charge an excessive mileage fee.   If during your 36 month lease agreement you put more than 15, 000 miles a year, we charge a .25 fee per mile over.



We do offer an option to “cancel out” at anytime !. Based on Car Country's approval and evaluation of the leased vehicle-   Pay a "buy out" of $400.00  (plus any excessive mileage fee’s) and you can walk away from the lease!  OR we can even slide you into another vehicle! (Additional delivery fee will apply)

So you will see, with leasing with us you have a few options during the lease term.



The delivery fee and the monthly lease payments vary, and will be dependent   on which vehicle you choose.

Typically a delivery fee is between $700.00 to approx. $1600.00 - again it depends on the value of the vehicle your interested in. And your credit report. The delivery fee is the amount due at your signing.  AND it includes your first lease payment!


We can go over some more details with you if you feel a lease is a good option for you.  Just let us know if you have any questions, you can call or email us.... Anyone in the office can assist you.


Thank You,

Car Country Auto Sales

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